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E4 Environmental, Inc. (E4EI)

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E4 Environmental, Inc. (E4EI) Services
Environmental Services
     Environmental Services include Site Assessments that have become an integral part of commercial and industrial property transfers. E4EI offers a regulatory compliance program that promotes a positive relationship with regulatory agencies to ensure proper implementation of, and compliance with, government regulations. E4EI is dedicated to finding on-time and cost effective solutions.

     • Environmental Site Assessments
     • Phase I Environmental Assessments
     • Phase II Environmental Assessments
     • Environmental Assessment (EA)
     • Transaction Screens
     • Archeological Surveys
     • Biological Assessments
     • Asbestos Hazard Evaluations
     • Real Estate Transfer and Pre-Acquisition Assessments
     • Environmental Impact Assessments
     • Feasibility Studies
     • FCC NEPA Evaluation

          » Flood Plain Evaluation
          » Wetland Delineation
          » State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Compliance
          » Tribal Consultation
          » Threatened & Endangered Species (Department of Interior & State Fish & Wildlife Consultation)
          » High Density Lights

Geotechnical Services
     Accurate assessment of geological and geotechnical conditions at a site is imperative for a successful project. E4EI Geotechnical Services can provide support to other E4EI projects as well as stand-alone geotechnical assignments.

     • Soil Borings and Lab Testing
     • Subsurface Explorations and Foundation Studies
     • Concrete Materials Testing and Inspection
     • Grounding Tests
     • Soil Resistivity Testing
     • Site Grading Plans and Grounding Tests
     • Floodplain Evaluations
     • Geologic Hazards Evaluations
     • Slope and Embankment Recommendations
     • Earthwork and Grading Recommendations
     • Geophysical Surveys
     • Fault/Liquefaction Evaluations

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