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E4 Environmental, Inc. (E4EI) Key Personnel:
Desiree N. Nehrer-Siino
Desiree N. Nehrer-Siino: President

     As President, Mrs. Nehrer-Siino has over 7 1/2 years experience in environmental services for commercial and residential properties. She has managed and guided teams of Environmental Specialists during completion of Phase I, Phase II, and NEPA reports, TCNS, Public Notice, Archeological Survey Coordination, Asbestos evaluations, Environmental Assessments and Treatment Plans, MOAs, and Wetland Delineations. Mrs. Nehrer-Siino interfaces and maintains relationships with various State and Federal agencies regarding proposed and current projects. She regularly attends environmental compliance update meetings and conferences. Mrs. Nehrer-Siino is currently pursuing a Master of Applied Science Degree in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado and holds a Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.

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