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E4 Environmental, Inc. (E4EI)

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E4 Environmental, Inc. (E4EI) Contact Information
     Desiree N. Nehrer-Siino: President
     Mobile: 480.236.8234

Mailing Address and Company Information
     E4 Environmental, Inc.
     16616 East Palisades Boulevard
     Suite #102
     Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268.3700
     E4 Environmental, Inc.
     P.O. Box 19438
     Fountain Hills, Arizona 85269.9438
     Telephone: 480.836.1701
     Fax: 480.836.1004
     Company E-mail:
     Project Correspondence E-mail:

     Our office is located approximately 30 miles Northeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport off of SR-87 [North Country Club Drive].

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